Convoluted Foam For Packaging

Convolution is a common process for polyurethane ether or ester. Convoluted Foam is often used for packing and protecting all kinds of goods, such as guns, knives, swords, delicate items such as computer components and glass items, during transit. It can also be used for storage. All you have to do is cut the egg carton-shaped convoluted foam to fit in boxes and cases before storing your delicate equipment, cameras, tools, collections, sensitive electronics or instruments.

convoluted foam by two

The convoluted foam is sold in sheets, cut into rectangle, circle, and right-triangle shapes. It is available in a variety of colors and densities. Since this convoluted foam is always manufactured in pairs, they will sometimes send two pieces of half the size you’ve ordered. Be aware of this when you order your foam. Another important thing to note is that the foam can lose some size from compression during shipping. Therefore, it is always recommended to order each piece 2″ to 3″ larger (5 to 8 cm) in the event that the full size is important for you.

Convoluted foam is also used for sound insulation in audio recording studios, but that’s another story.

Summarized, convoluted foam is a cost effective packaging solution.

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