Orthopedic dog beds

There are several kind of linings for orthopedic dog beds. Memory foam is one of the most desired orthopedic mattress linings for man, simply because it provides excellent support and comfort for the body, thanks to its capability to wrap around the body. This material can also be used for dog beds. Egg crate foam lining can also be used for puppy beds, but it is only used mattress toppers or pads for humans, never as liner for the mattress itself. So if you’ve a big dog you really may wish to think about whether egg crate foam lining is suitable and really sufficient.

Let’s take a look at the properties of memory foam and egg crate foam to find out why the latter isn’t utilized in our mattresses. This way you’ll be able to decide which lining may be best to choose when selecting an orthopedic canine bed.

Construction of Memory Foam

This lining is made from open cells. Picture yourself billions of interconnected balloons with holes in them. As soon as there is pressure from someone resting on the bed mattress , the air shifts from 1 cell to another. The foam then contours about that strain, to relieve pressure points and support the weight of the body. When the pressure is gone, it reverts back to its original shape. Therefor it’s also a popular material for high quality beds for puppies with joint complaints.

Construction of Egg Crate Foam

This foam got it’s name because of the cardboard egg crates shape, with numerous bumps and dips. Unfortunately, this material is usually thin and collapsible. So it is not utilized as a human mattress filler. The primary objective it serves in human orthopedic bedrooms, is as a filler for bed mattress pads and toppers. Using egg crate foam for dogs may supply ample support for a little or lightweight puppy, but not for a big or heavy one. The latter may wear through the egg crate filler fast, dropping the benefits for which the mattress was bought.

Consequently, especially if you have a large and heavy dog, you may wish to get him a Memory foam orthopedic canine mattress, knowing that it can accommodate his weight, will supply extremely high quality joint comfort, and is durable.

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