Uses of Egg Crate Foam

In most uses of egg crate foam, the products are made to remain structurally intact for longer amounts of time. Egg crate foam is utilized in packaging, bedding products,  acoustics and mailing. The foam is comparatively inexpensive to create and easy to acquire, making it a perfect material for many various kinds of products.

Egg crate foam is regularly used in the preparation of packaging for various items that do not need to shift during transit. The custom foam not only functions being an effective cushion for the products; it may also help to soak up jarring along with other sudden shocks to the package that often occur along the way of shipping. This means that even fragile equipment along with other items can arrive at the destination intact.

One of the most common applications of egg crate foam can be found in the house. Many people decide to improve the support and comfort of bed mattresses with the use of an egg crate mattress pad. These handy mattress toppers have an egg crate design that makes it possible for the foam to comply with the contours from the body as the individual sleeps. This additional support is a good way to minimize stress on the back and leads to a more recuperative sleep. Egg crate foam pads may be positioned on the bed using the crate or bump portion facing upward, or turned around so the crate is next to the top of the mattress. The egg crate foam sheets are then covered with a standard fitted bed sheet. Various kinds of egg crate foam can be bought at many retail outlets. Bedding shops and discount stores that carry bedding products will often sell egg crate pads ideal for use on any size bed.

Together with providing comfort during sleep, egg crate foam may also be employed to help muffle sound. The acoustic foam may be used along with insulation in walls, or affixed towards the walls of the room to minimize the flow of sound to and from the space. Installing the foam within the crawl space between floors may also help muffle sounds.

Sections of the foam right for installation in the home are often sold in home and building supply stores, such as Home Depot and even Wallmart.  In most cases, the foam goods are relatively inexpensive and will hold up to consistent use to have an extended time period.

Mailing and shipping services offer packaging that is lined with egg crate foam which will conform to the dimensions of numerous various kinds of items.

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